Evening Study Centers helping Kids to grow into Individuals


Project Implementation Plan

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The project aims at strengthening public education system by complementing resources to ensure comprehensive learning and development of children.

The objective is to build synergy between the school and the other stakeholders, mainly the local community. Also, to create an extended platform at school to facilitate effective learning which is not limited to the syllabus, but which would motivate the children to pursue education with a clear dream and aspiration in life.

The program focuses on the children coming from diversified cultural and socio- economic background. Create an environment to harness child’s creative nature and to gain knowledge out of their experience. 

Expenses and complete supplemetary eductaion of 40 kids have been taken care of by Shwas Foundation.


Project Challenges

The only difference between the underprivileged and privileged- is the availability of resources and opportunities. Poverty and other problems faced by kids comping from such a background hold them back. They are'not able to compete with other children of their age. Their inner potential remains untapped.


Results & Outcome

Our daily evening tuition classes help these slum kids to acquire basic knowledge about the subjects. The students in our centre come from Hindi medium government schools. They are very poor in English vocabulary so we started teaching them with alphabets. They lack simple reading & writing skill. We conduct daily classes so that they can improve further. We teach them about the importance cleanliness in their life along with ethical values. We provide stationary items & gifts for motivating kids to improve in class performances & extra curriculum activities.


About Ngo

Shwas is an effort started by a group of volunteers to educate the underprivileged kids of Gulbai Tekra, Ahmedabad since year 2009. We attempt to provide safe and healthy environment to children coming from disadvantaged families, so that they can openly share with us the challenges they face that hold them back from aspiring their dreams.

We teach kids every day for two hours. Our focus is value-based education, which includes teaching manners, inculcating sense of hygiene and helping them to follow and fulfill their dreams. We also enroll potential students into private school to ensure continuous quality education.






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