Project Implementation Plan

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The project aims to eradicate the problem of rural poverty by

  • Ensuring sustainable employment generation.
  • Creating an ecosystem for village/local producers and entrepreneurs 
  • Initiating business ideas 
  • Training local youth.

We focus on overall economic upliftment of the villages. 


Project Challenges

Employment generation remains one of the biggest challenges in rural areas. Amid changing patterns of life and rapid urbanisation leading to migration, it is imperative to design a sound economic model that is both indigenous to the region and sustainable in nature. Unless doing so economic upliftment of people residing in rural areas is extremely difficult.

Providing economic upliftment in a sustainable way through employment generation is a tough task, especially when it’s in a remote desert area such as Kutch. 

Results & Outcome

We congratulate Auroch Agro team, for a successful project on exotic Dragon Fruit Plantation in Kutch Kharua area. It was a visionary business effort that has not only provided employment but also provided a farm-market link in a planned sustainable way.

Another milestone at intercropping of Jowar for cattle fodder purpose, the Auroch team continues to inspire.


About Ngo

KarmaKonnect is a non-profit social venture that aims to connect the fragmented ‘giving’ ecosystem by empowering NGOs, donors, volunteers, corporates and government to create impactful social development interventions. KarmaKonnect is an enabler; motivating and empowering individuals and organizations to tap the growing philanthropy landscape by creating, connecting, and/or collaborating for credible projects and causes. The KarmaKonnect team is currently involved in a number of initiatives across the country, through various dedicated volunteers and NGOs. We are primarily working on:

• Child education and livelihood skills (slum evening schools/shelters and aiding low income govt schools) in Gujarat, Telangana, MP and Delhi through utilization of existing govt infrastructure and innovative collaborative models.

• Women Empowerment and legal help, rescue and rehabilitation projects (primarily on Gujarat and UP)

• Rural Empowerment and Citizens Change/Awareness programs (Gujarat, MP, UP, Telangana and Rajasthan).

• We also Executing comprehensive "adopt a village" projects for donors involving well researched sustainable solutions for development

• Training and placement of specially abled

• Refuge rehabilitation projects. (Urban slums)

• Adhoc Medical help and assistance as needed.





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