KarmaKonnect Brings ‘Education at Doorstep’ for Tribal Kids in Naxal-Prone Area


Project Implementation Plan

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• The project focuses on assisting tribal children, from Naxal hit areas in Chhattisgarh, attain productive education.

• It aims at strengthening public education system by complementing resources to ensure comprehensive learning and development of children.

• The objective is to build synergy between the school and the other stakeholders, mainly the local community.

• The Project also aims at creating an extended platform at school to facilitate effective learning which is not limited to the syllabus, but which would motivate the children to pursue education with a clear dream and aspiration in life.

• To ensure children continue with academic activities in the villages, different approaches have been explored to ensure children become independent self – learner and have access to PERSONALISED LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES.

• The project aims to ensure that children are able to practice key literacy skills in a personalized and engaging manner and minimize the widening learning gap because of school closure.


Project Challenges

• The Naxal violence has forced hundreds of schools to permanently shut down in conflict prone regions in Chhattisgarh.

• With the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, it became more difficult for school going students to access education and learning opportunities.

• As schools were shut down students encountered several challenges in learning and understanding their lessons.

• Due to several issues posed by ongoing naxal violence and recently by the pandemic, students in large numbers are dropping out from school.

• The dropout rates in this region are alarming. In many areas adolescent boys and girls are also potential recruits for naxal militia and are being exposed/influenced to the violence.

• To ensure continuity, online education has been previously explore. However around 75% of schools in Sukma are out of network-accessible areas and less than 5% children out of 47000 enrolled have been able to access any kind of online education delivery. 


Results & Outcome

Shiksharth has created PERSONALISED LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES for tribal kids in these conflict prone areas. Shiksharth has devised several solutions aimed at making learning an easy process and minimising the widening gap caused by lack of regular schooling

• Self-learning workbooks or academic kits - The team has prepared Self learning workbooks with key literacy skills and math problems for children of different age groups. These workbooks contain math problems, language questions and creative activities for students. The best part is that the kids can solve these workbooks away from schools without much help.

• The team has devised various programs for learning such as the ‘Project Based learning’, ‘Online Read aloud story telling’, Science Projects and ‘Creative learning though Art and games.’

• The team has prepared Illustrated story books in local dialects.

• Shiksharth has been recruiting local volunteers who are assigned with the responsibility of ensuring that offline education and learning process continue in the villages in an uninterrupted way, Their key duty is to assist and guide the tribal kids in their communities.

So far, Shiksharth has reached out to 15,000 children in sensitive Naxal hit Bastar region, and over 2,00,000 children across 11 states in India throughout the pandemic.

Karma Konnect proudly supports "Education at Doorstep" initiative - for tribal children in conflict affected remote areas.


About Ngo

KarmaKonnect is a non-profit social venture that aims to connect the fragmented ‘giving’ ecosystem by empowering NGOs, donors, volunteers, corporates and government to create impactful social development interventions. KarmaKonnect is an enabler; motivating and empowering individuals and organizations to tap the growing philanthropy landscape by creating, connecting, and/or collaborating for credible projects and causes. The KarmaKonnect team is currently involved in a number of initiatives across the country, through various dedicated volunteers and NGOs. We are primarily working on:

• Child education and livelihood skills (slum evening schools/shelters and aiding low income govt schools) in Gujarat, Telangana, MP and Delhi through utilization of existing govt infrastructure and innovative collaborative models.

• Women Empowerment and legal help, rescue and rehabilitation projects (primarily on Gujarat and UP)

• Rural Empowerment and Citizens Change/Awareness programs (Gujarat, MP, UP, Telangana and Rajasthan).

• We also Executing comprehensive "adopt a village" projects for donors involving well researched sustainable solutions for development

• Training and placement of specially abled

• Refuge rehabilitation projects. (Urban slums)

• Adhoc Medical help and assistance as needed.





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