Asmita Awareness Camps Empower Young Girls Across Low-Income Schools in Gujarat


Project Implementation Plan

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Asmita Awareness Workshop for Women

Project Asmita aims at addressing the important issues impacting rural women through dialogue and awareness:

1. Awareness Camps

Under Project Asmita, several awareness camps and empowerment presentations will be delivered in rural areas and urban slums through field partners (NGOs & Volunteers). The presentations will touch upon topics of menstrual health and hygiene, sexual awareness, maternal and reproductive health, and good touch – bad touch. The women will also be made aware of resources to reach out for help and government schemes and provisions focused on women’s welfare and development

2.Asmita Kits

At every awareness camp, Asmita kits will be distributed among women following the presentation. Such a kit would include female hygiene products and a booklet consisting information on safe hygiene practices, helpline numbers, government schemes and self-help literature.

3.Self Help Groups

Creation of self-help groups so that women can collectively work towards addressing the issues that endanger their welfare and take charge of their health and well-being. Each workshop will identify a local “leader” and will end with the “Asmita kit” as a gift, with easy self-help material and regular follow up routine. KarmaKonnect will partner will local panchayats, NSS volunteers and NGOs to expand the reach of the program in different states.


Project Challenges

Menstruation is a highly tabooed topic in societies like such. The little girls, as well as the women, are not very open to having a conversation about menstrual hygiene, reproduction, domestic and sexual abuse etc.

The challenge is to spread the message and make them aware of the issues which they consider a normal part of life.


Results & Outcome

The Karmakonnect team hosted Self-Awareness Camps for students studying in low-income schools across Gujarat, under Project Asmita. The girls between age 9 - 15 were educated about the normalcy of having menstruation cycle, to break silence on domestic abuse and to make them aware of the number of government schemes that can help them to achieve their dreams. They were empowered with the civic/legal rights and welfare schemes for a better lifestyle. The children showed a keen interest in learning about things they generally cannot speak to anyone about.


About Ngo

KarmaKonnect is a non-profit social venture that aims to connect the fragmented ‘giving’ ecosystem by empowering NGOs, donors, volunteers, corporates and government to create impactful social development interventions. KarmaKonnect is an enabler; motivating and empowering individuals and organizations to tap the growing philanthropy landscape by creating, connecting, and/or collaborating for credible projects and causes. The KarmaKonnect team is currently involved in a number of initiatives across the country, through various dedicated volunteers and NGOs. We are primarily working on:

• Child education and livelihood skills (slum evening schools/shelters and aiding low income govt schools) in Gujarat, Telangana, MP and Delhi through utilization of existing govt infrastructure and innovative collaborative models.

• Women Empowerment and legal help, rescue and rehabilitation projects (primarily on Gujarat and UP)

• Rural Empowerment and Citizens Change/Awareness programs (Gujarat, MP, UP, Telangana and Rajasthan).

• We also Executing comprehensive "adopt a village" projects for donors involving well researched sustainable solutions for development

• Training and placement of specially abled

• Refuge rehabilitation projects. (Urban slums)

• Adhoc Medical help and assistance as needed.





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