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KarmaKonnect All Over India
Donate Digital Classroom to Underprivileged Kids

Government schools suffer from a lot of problems typical of government and public schools in Gujarat. The teaching staff at the school is severely demotivated, and as a result, is not productive. The education level of students is also low. KarmaKonnect’s Anmol Shiksha is a model program to assist the Government school framework with better learning techniques and strengthen it as a model that enables comprehensive learning environment.

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KarmaKonnect All Over India
Donate Tablets (TabLabs) for Better Learning Experience to Students

India’s growth relies on a well-educated and skilled workforce. Improving education is a critical area of investment. A shabby foundation in primary education can overturn the lives, careers and productivity of millions of its citizens. Studies have proven that using digital tablets for classroom learning activities improves understanding of topics, digital skills, creativity, independent learning and motivation. Undeniably, it also helps in having a higher retention rate of students.

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Jyotisangh Ahmedabad
Empower a Woman through Vocational training - Nursing & Assistant course

Women have always been marginalized and relegated to the status of subjugated class in the Indian society. Especially in rural areas, women have not actively participated in their emancipation due to their lack of economic independence and illiteracy. Women should be organized and strengthened at the grass root level to end their subordination.

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Uthishta Bengaluru
Sponsor a Child with Low Financial Background to School(SAC)

Living in 21st century, quality education is still a distant dream for majority of the children. Although various education schemes have been put in place for the underprivileged, quality of education is a persisting problem. Your little contribution can help a child receive the quality of education he/she deserves.

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Sakaar Sewa Samiti Ghazipur
Contribute your bit to an E-Prayogshala

When we talk about the growth of the country, we take various factors into consideration and education is one of them. While urban schools are getting the best of infrastructure, facilities and teachers, schools in rural areas are still struggling for facilities as basic as toilets. Lack of teaching staff and motivation among students are two of the major reasons behind poor education quality in rural schools. 85% of the government schools are in villages, and do not get the benefit of quality education. Let’s take a step further and help them increase their knowledge by donating learning tablets.

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Gharkul Mumbai
Donate to a Residential School for Special kids

Each Child has a right to live with dignity. Gharkul believes that a quality, strength-based education will help them secure this right. Each child at Gharkul is a recipient of unconditional positive regard, their strengths and interests are watered. They are accepted and in a safe place.

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Gharkul Mumbai
Contribute to Transportation for Physically Challenged Kids

So many special kids and adults are there who spend their life totally being dependent on others. Children with special needs can not commute independently which makes it essential for their parents to come and drop their child which every parent can not afford to do. If Gharkul provides free transport, parents will be assured that child will commute to & from school safely & on time.

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Shwas Charitable Trust Ahmedabad
Help Under-Privileged Kids go to Private School

The program focuses on the children coming from diversified cultural and socio- economic background. Create an environment to harness child’s creative nature and to gain knowledge out of their experience. Kids who come from the most backward areas cannot even imagine of going to semi-private govt. schools. Education is right of everyone but because of poor family background it is a dream for him/her to go to private schools. We wish to give them their rights and want to create a better India.

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Shwas Charitable Trust Ahmedabad
Support a Center for Primary Schools

Help Children see possibilities and opportunities lying ahead in their lives. Kids who come from the most backward areas cannot even imagine of going to semi-private govt. schools. Education is right of everyone but because of poor family background it is a dream for him/her to go to private schools. Since, we believe in holistic growth of children; along with academics, we expose them to experiential learning by arranging excursions to ashrams, national parks and corporate trips for them.

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KarmaKonnect Thaltej gaam-Ahmedabad
Evening study classes for Children

The biggest challenge that India’s public education system faces today is that the tremendous success in achieving nearly 100% access to schooling has not translated to quality learning. The thrust of the program is to have a holistic approach with new initiatives for strengthening the Government programs/activities of the schools.

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